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Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole

May 15, 2014 in What's New

If guilt is that unpleasant feeling you get when you’ve violated your own principles, reduced guilt is that relieved sense that maybe what you’ve done is really not that bad. We can’t do much about all the 'other stuff' you do, but we’re happy to assuage any mashed-avocado-dip-related guilt you may be dealing with. Re-introducing our renowned guac with 50% less fat and 40% fewer calories. But, how is this possible? Greek yogurt, mis amigos! The 12-ounce tub contains thick, creamy, low-fat Greek yogurt blended with...

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Mini Pie Medley

May 13, 2014 in What's New

While Americans didn’t invent pie (ancient Egyptians get those baking credits), we’ve embraced it so fully into our food heritage, that it is considered “the most traditional American dessert.” The ultimate sweet treat, homemade pies did fall out of fashion at one time, as convenience became coveted and appetites more reserved. In our Mini Pie Medley, we restore the glory of this culinary classic, cutting a new mold that fits better into a more modern view of time and treats. The pies thaw or heat swiftly, and while each is, indeed, a remarkable treat...

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Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream

May 08, 2014 in What's New

Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream has been in our freezers for several years—not the same cartons, mind you! It may not be new, but some things are just too good not to mention again—and again and again and again. RE-introducing, the very best coffee ice cream available anywhere on planet. Lest you think we hyperbolize—which we never, ever do—here’s why it’s so blasted special: First, there’s very little whipped air in there. In ice-cream-speak, we say, "low overrun." Less air means...

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