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Mac N' Cheezy Rays

August 21, 2015 in What's New

Trader Doodle came to town riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat and called it... what was that last word again? Mac n’ cheese is nothing new, but Trader Joe’s loves bringing fresh ideas to age-old delights. We’ve already given this nostalgic noodle dish to you frozen, fried, gluten free, and with reduced guilt—but our latest version takes a different tack. What makes this Mac so marvelous, you may ask? Two reasons, it’s...

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Popcorn In a Pickle

August 19, 2015 in What's New

What’s the best route to the most innovative take on summer snacking? Working with a company that’s been making scrumptious snacks for more than 130 years, apparently. The innovative snack in question is Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle. If the same old snack choices have you in a rut, and you have a hankering to heed the call to heretofore unheard of flavor combinations, this popcorn is your ticket to taste bud tantalization. Its name is not just a clever play on words—it’s also an apt description of this dill pickle flavored popcorn. Using the largest...

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All for One • One for All Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash

August 17, 2015 in What's New

If you could save time, money, and water every time you showered and still feel fresh, clean, and rejuvenated when you were finished, would you carpe clean-um? Well, seize the squeeze bottle! Trader Joe’s All for One • One for All Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash is here. With this single, miraculous liquid, you can wash your body, cleanse your hair, and leave it...

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Burrata, Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread

August 14, 2015 in What's New

Nope. Nothing ordinary here. This pizza is so extra-ordinary, really, that we don’t even call it a pizza. Nah-ah. It’s a flatbread. And not any ordinary flatbread. This one hails from the small Italian town of Visso, deep in the mountains of the extraordinary Monte Sibillini National Park. Do you see the pattern of extraordinary-ness? And we haven’t even gotten to what’s on the flatbread! Let’s do that, post-haste. Trader Joe’s Burrata, Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread begins with...

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Wild King Salmon Jerky

August 12, 2015 in What's New

As we often do with products we’ve had for a spell, we decided to revisit our Salmon Jerky to see if it could stand any improvement. Someone suggested trying a different kind of salmon, and when the idea of using Wild King Salmon came up, we got pretty excited. Naturally, we wanted to know how it tasted... but we were also very curious about this “Wild King.” Who is he, and where is his domain? Why is there a fish named after him? What crazy thing did he do to earn him such a feral handle? Sadly, once we realized there was an...

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Green Dragon Hot Sauce

August 10, 2015 in What's New

Hot is cool. And that makes summertime the coolest time of the year. So if you’re hot, what could be cooler than a hot new hot sauce? Right now at Trader Joe’s we have a new sauce that’s red hot—figuratively, that is. We’re talking about Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce, a deep-green colored sauce with heat, tang, a bit of sweet, and did we mention heat? Green Dragon Hot Sauce shares its fire-breathing namesake-on-the-label with...

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Super Seed Blend with Cranberry & Coconut Chips

August 07, 2015 in What's New

Eaters are always sprinkling stuff on their food to add flavor... sugar for sweetness, chili flakes for heat, salt for savor. But what about sprinkling stuff on your food to add nutrition? It could be boring... unless you are talking about shaking a bag of Trader Joe’s Super Seed Blend with Cranberry & Coconut Chips over your food. This is an international blend consisting of chia seed (from Paraguay), sprouted buckwheat groats (United States), sweetened dried cranberries (also U.S.), shelled hemp seed (Canada), and coconut chips (Thailand). Per serving, it provides...

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Brigante Cheese

August 05, 2015 in What's New

Sometimes you crave a cheese with a bold profile that is strong-flavored and complex; aged to bring out all the curd-complexities that warrant an attentive palate. And then there are other times when you just crave something simpler. Trader Joe’s Brigante Cheese is a cheese with a more subtle profile, but one that at the same time produces a deeply satisfying cheese-eating experience. Brigante (bree-GAHN-tay) is made for us on the Island of...

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Black Bean & Corn Enchilada

August 03, 2015 in What's New

An enchilada is a Mexican food made of a corn tortilla wrapped around some kind of filling and accented with a sauce made from chilies and/or tomatoes. At once, this description is very specific and very vague. On the one mano, we’re told the exact nature of the wrapper and the main contents of the sauce. On the other mano, what goes inside remains wide open to interpretation. Over the years, our “interpretation” of the inner-enchilada has included...

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