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BBQ Rub & Seasoning with Coffee & Garlic

June 09, 2014 in What's New

“... To die, to sleep, To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye there’s the rub...” 
~Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Did it ever strike you as curious that right in the middle of his morbid musings on death, Hamlet seems distracted by a grilling preparation? With exuberant nonchalance, he exclaims: “Aye, there’s the rub!” It never made sense to us—that is, until we invented Trader Joe’s BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee and Garlic. In an instant of enlightenment, we knew how a simple (yet amazing) mixture of spices could so easily...

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Organic Coconut Flour

June 05, 2014 in What's New

The rise of gluten insensitivity has led to the innovation of a whole range of substitute flours ground from host of alternative nuts and grains. What’s become clear is that the benefits of non-wheat flours go far beyond gastrointestinal health. Such is definitely the case with Baker Josef ’s Organic Coconut Flour. It’s not only a healthy option, but it’s also phenomenally flavored with a long list of food applications. Our Coconut Flour is made simply from organic coconuts that are grown in the Philippines. The meat from the harvested coconuts is...

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Mostly Mesquite Honey

June 03, 2014 in What's New

We have been selling Mesquite Honey for a long time, and lots of it. Until this year, our supply has come from the Sonoran desert of Northern Mexico. Had it not been for the bandits that stole our last few loads (seriously!) our 2013 supply would have lasted until the 2014 crop. This dramatic turn of events drove us to the arid deserts of Argentina—the third largest exporter of honey in the world (after China and the U.S.). What we found there was another high quality bee product that will keep Trader Joe’s Mostly Mesquite Honey flowing, come bandits or high water...

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