You Named This Product!

July 25, 2016 in Category: Events and Contests

"What's in a name?" queried Shakespeare. Quite a bit, replied Trader Joe's, after carefully evaluating some 9,500 potential product names. This nomenclature proved quite challenging as our panel of judges was genuinely charmed by the clever, carefully wrought contributions.

We Want YOU To Name This Product

July 10, 2016 in Category: Events and Contests

Babies, pets, cars, Trader Joe’s Products—naming is an engaging brainteaser. If you like mental stimulation; find the prospect of putting a name to a yet-to-be-debuted, exclusive-to-Trader Joe’s product provocative; or just want to win—we challenge YOU.

Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Award Winners

January 04, 2016 in Category: Events and Contests

Thank you for taking part in the Trader Joe’s 7th Annual Customer Choice Awards! We’ve counted and re-counted; your votes have been tallied, and the wait is over! Put your hands together! The nominees and winners are...