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Check out the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about TJ's Careers by clicking on the questions below.

1. How do I apply for a job at one of your stores?

We want to meet you in person, so we encourage you to stop by and fill out an application at the store or click here to download an application that you can print out, fill in and submit in person. To find out if a store near you is hiring, you can call the store or just drop by and see if they are currently hiring. You can also search jobs online here. Each store hires its own Crew and all applications must be submitted at the store.
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2. I heard that you're opening a new store near me; can I apply before it opens?

Yes! When a new store is scheduled to open, the management team is selected from existing Trader Joe's stores and transferred to the new store location. Once they are onsite, applications are accepted in person for Crew positions about one to two months before the store opens. You can check the job search section of our website to see if the store has posted their job openings for Crew yet. Also, if you live near the new store location, be sure to be on the lookout for a "Now Hiring" banner or sign outside the store.
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3. I submitted my resume online, what happens next?

Here at Trader Joe's, we review each and every résumé we receive… and we receive a ton! We're thrilled that you enjoy our stores enough to explore a career with us. All online applicants should receive an auto-reply. If you are selected for a telephone interview, we will contact you via email to get it set up.
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4. I applied in-person at a store, what happens next?

Each location handles its own interviewing and hiring for Crew positions. If you've applied at a local store and would like to check the status of your application, simply give them a call and ask to speak to the Captain or a Mate.
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5. Do I have to start as Crew to become a manager?

Absolutely not! We review Crew performance twice a year and constantly seek to develop our internal staff. However, we do consider candidates with strong experience for the management position of Mate. If you're interested in a Mate position, check the job search section of our website.
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6. Do you offer health benefits to non-management employees?

You bet! Crew are eligible for medical, dental and vision coverage after meeting the eligibility requirements. Most Crew qualify after a few months.
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7. I'm still attending college; can my hours be scheduled around my classes?

Maybe. Our employment application allows you to list your availability. This availability is essential information that the store will use to determine whether your schedule is compatible with store needs. Your unique scheduling needs should be discussed at time of application.
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8. Why is everyone so happy and positive here? Do they put something in the water?

Hmmm… We get this one a lot. Understand, we can neither confirm nor deny any reports of "something in the water." But one taste of all the terrific food and beverages in our stores and we think you'll be smiling, too!
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