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June 2016

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Oh, Those Summer Whites...

Oh, Those Summer Whites...

Is white the absence or presence of color? Depends. When covering a canvas with milky clouds, fewer colors are definitely more; White pigment is empty of every hue.

In lighting terms, the opposite’s true. Taking a counter-intuitive turn, the purest white beam reflects the full rainbow range. Illuminating.

What of white wine? Depends whom you ask. Some take it as a trifling tipple. Compared to rich reds, some call whites monochromatic, even absent of color. We couldn’t agree less. For starters, wines fermented sans grape skins literally show sundry yellow shades—from pale straw to deep gold. For finishers, whites portray an array of evocative profiles.

Making our case we shine a light on five white wines—from places you might not expect, made from grapes you may never have tried. A brilliant spectrum...

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